Measure Your Marketing Success With 1300 Numbers

You are definitely missing out if the only thing you are using your 1300 number for is to answer the calls that are coming in. One of the most important benefits of these numbers is their strong reporting options that are in-built. Details of calls such as who is calling, where they are calling from, length of the call and when they are calling can help you to measure the success of your marketing channels and campaigns. Small business 1300 numbers are always the best options when it comes to obtaining a telephone number for your business.

Majority of the businesses make use of more than one channels to send their message out there to the world, including things like search engine marketing, social media advertising, pay per click advertising online, email newsletters, print, radio, and TV advertising. With so many things available, it can be difficult to understand which one is providing the best results.

One best way to do this is by using a unique 1300 number with each marketing campaign. This will help you to see the results that each initiative is accomplishing quickly. You can always take the time to ask the people who call. But it takes effort and time, it is not always accurate and can take away the focus from the purpose of the call. By using the reports available through 1300 number provider, you will save time, you get accurate information about the source of the call and the call will also stay on focus.

Many businesses have custom landing pages on their site for each marketing campaigns. By adding up unique 1300 number to every single campaign, you can see how many people visit your page and how many of them go to the next step and pick up the phone as well. You can thus measure the number of calls against the rate of conversion to measure the actual results of your campaigns.