How to choose the right men’s waistcoat?

So the waistcoat or the jacket worn should not only keep you warm but must be chosen carefully. If you do not live in a place where the sun is present throughout the year you will need a waistcoat or two (or three): from a light jacket to protect you from the air when the sun goes away, to a heavy one to protect you from the cold Mid-January. So keep yourself ready to have the right outerwear in your wardrobe. There are some options that, besides being functional, can greatly increase your style.

Mac and trench

Neither the Mac nor the Trench has ever gone out of fashion. They are two classic and style-filled waistcoats. The trench has a belt (which must be fastened knotted and not inserted in its buckle), while the Mac has a straight line and is a slightly stiffer material, which repairs very well from rain and wind. The choice is up to your taste. Both offer a very stylish look. They are light, elegant, and practically timeless.

Field Waistcoat

They are designed for comfort while maintaining your style at play. It is more comfortable than a jacket, more elegant than a technical jacket and more resistant to the weather than a military-style jacket or a lumberjack of the same weight. They often have a detachable interior, thus resolving all needs from spring to late autumn, and the countless pockets are a boon for every man’s daily ballast.

Leather Waistcoat

A leather waistcoat should last for many years, like a nice watch or a pair of shoes. For this reason we should carefully weigh up the purchase. This jacket must age gracefully with you, so trends are its worst enemy. No studs, frizzes and jokes. Choose a simple one. The simpler jackets like the Biker (motorcyclist style); both in black and in brown are those that offer greater versatility, for their elegant line.


The Husky quilted jacket was originally made of 100% nylon with a polyester padding, a rather squared cut, 5 snaps, two pockets, a velvet collar and a knitted inner cuff to prevent air from entering. Today they are in different variations, but they do not differ much from the original version. The quilted jacket is versatile, sheltered from the rain and warm, a good companion for the time outdoors. With a moderate padding, it will be more elegant and versatile and can be used both in autumn and spring. Blue or Green are the most traditional colors with which you cannot go wrong.

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