Effective Places That Are the Best for Mounting Motion Sensors at Home  

Irregular and even wrong placement of motion sensors can reduce the effect of security system for your home. Avoid placing them in places where burglars usually expect them to be.

Across the Window in a Direct View

  • When placed in  a place where there is direct access to sunlight, there are higher chances of motion detectors (with heat sensitivity) getting activated in a day.
  • Motion sensors that are placed parallel to a non-carpeted area will work better in your home.

Near the Heat Source

  • Do not place the motion sensors where there is access to radiator or hot air vent.
  • The change in the atmospheric temperature usually ends up triggering the alarm systems sensors that are placed in such areas.

Across the Door

  • Passive infrared sensors and other such motion sensors are designed to trigger when there is change in the atmospheric temperature.
  • Direct placement of the sensors across the door will make them get activated as they require larger area for working effectively.

There are some places that work perfectly well for the placement of the motion sensors.

Any Corner in the Room

  • The corner opposite to the door to any room is an excellent place for the installation of motion sensors.
  • These motion sensors will get complete access to the room, along with the corridor that passes in front of the door, up to certain distance.

Behind the Home Décor Pieces

  • Burglars first target such pieces in your home that are of great value for them.
  • Place the sensors near or onto the computers, TV unit, decorative items, etc.

To know more about the right way of placing motion sensors at home located in Toronto, you can feel free to contact the companies offering easy installations of the alarm systems Toronto.